Monday, May 13, 2013

Of Mice and Whistlepigs
Traveled out to the homestead this evening after work to make sure the e-lectric company had turned on the lights. They had and so I made a quick check of the circuits and the heat and air conditioning unit, all of which is in good order. I had stocked in some vienna sausages and saltines for snack food so I grabbed a stack of crackers, can of viennas and a root beer and sat in the swing outside and just enjoyed my supper in the ebbing sunshine. Walked out back afterwards and there I saw Mr. Whistlepig (that's a groundhog for you urban folk). Apparently he has made himself at home under the bedroom, so before he scurried in to his abode I told him in a very stern manner that he must either find more suitable digs or face Rural Renewal Relocation Program (funded by either Have-a-heart or Smith & Wesson). Not certain he listened too well but we shall see. Before I left went back inside to lock up and just happened to open one of the kitchen cabinet drawers when Mr. Mouse poked out his head. My reaction time is still quite good for I was able to slam the drawer shut before he could make his getaway. . .needless to say he has now moved on to a higher plane. Looks like I'll be working part of the weekend so I am taking off Wednesday to drive up to Gainesboro and get the water turned on. Then back to the house to then check the plumbing. . .not very exciting but just part and parcel. Brother BD surprised me today by offering his help in getting the place bush-hogged and that in itself is a God-send. Time to walk the dog and do a bit of packing before bed. . . Be back in a day or two.

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